What is your general belief statement about the causes of the conflict?

My beliefs of the conflict, is that the whites were wanting to much. By wanting so much they weren't respecting the treaty that protected the indians land. Once you have set a law, the rights f that law or treaty should not be brokon or changed unless every one agrees on it.

What is the relevant background information (i.e. who, what, when, where)?

This conflict inclued the US army and goverment against the Nez Perce Tribe. It started when the army forced the Nez Perce to leave their land so they could search for gold in 1877. The conflict ended up taking place mostly in parts of washington, idaho, and oregon.

What were 3 factors that helped cause the conflict (politics, economics, geography, history)?

One of the factors was the gold being found on the Clearwater river. The whites wanted the gold and they were going to do whatever it took to get it. Another one of the factors could have been that the Nez Perce Tribe was friendly before. Even though you would think that they would respect eachother then they actually treated them less kind. Mabye if they weren't nice then the army and goverment would not try and bother them. The last factor is giving them the land in the treay to begin with. If the goverment didn't want them to have the land they shouldn't have given it to the Nez Perce in the fist place.

Explain why one factor is more important than others.

In my opinion the most important factor is the whites thinking it was god who was pulling them toward the west. This may be true but since most of the Nez Perce Tribe was christian, god loved them, so why would he want whites coming to take up more land of the indians. Although the whites think it was god's will to come west i completly disagree. People have the right to make their own decsions and fight for what they want because even though god wants you to do something else i am sure he will fogive them. If god told or anyone important told you to jump off a bridge, would you be willing to die just to do something for someone else.

How could the conflict have been avoided?

I think the conflictcould have been avioded if the Nez Perce Tribe wasn't as friendly in the begining. Since they helped them fight in wars and had already given them a lot of there land, the goverment could just stomp all over them and thought it was going to be ok. As you can see the tribe did not act well to the decsions the goverment made. I mean who would want someone to give you something and then decide they want it back later.

What sources of information have you used?

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