Japanese Internment

What is your general belief about who or what is most responsible for causing the conflict?

I think that we are both responisble for the Japanese Internment. The Japanese because they bombed us. The Americans because we imprisened people that didn't do anything wrong. The Japanese were paying consequencies for acts that they didn't do. I don't think that the Japanese should have been in internment camps, and I think that the American Government over-reacted.

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What is the relevant background information (i.e. who, what, when, where)?

The Japanese and the Americans were involved in the Japanese Internment. The Japanese interment is when we sent all of the Japanese into camps becasue they were realated to the people who bombed us. We still don't know why the Japanese bombed us.
The bombing happened on December 7th, 1941. The imprisinment happened from March 24 to November 3, 1942. We sent Japanese to internment camps all over the USA. They had at least 10 internment camps in the northwest.
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What were 3 factors that helped cause the conflict (politics, economics, geography, history)?

The main factors were politics, history, and politics again. The first politics is because the Japanese decided to bomb us. The history is because we sent everyone into Japanese internment camps if they had at least .5 percent Japanese ancestory. The last politics reason is because we decided to imprison them.
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Explain why one factor is more important than the others.

The first reason is a political reason. The bombing of pearl harbor is most important because it led to the other two reasons. The bombing is a political reason because the Japanese government decided to bomb us.
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How could the conflict have been avoided?

If the Japanese government haven't decided that it was best to bomb us, none of this would have happened. However, because they did bomb us, we decided to take action. Anyone with at least .5 percent Japanese ancestory had to go to internment camps. There they spent the days until the war was over. We just now apoligized for what we did.
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What sources of information have you used?

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