What is your general belief about who or what is most responsible for causing the conflict?

I think the government is mostly responsible for this act. They wanted to give the American people jobs so they brought up this bill that excluded the chinese from all the work. Then they drove the chinese out of town.

What is the relevant background information (i.e. who, what, when, where)?

It happened in Tacoma, Washington in 1882.

What were 3 factors that helped cause the conflict (politics, economics, geography, history)?

There were a lot of Chinese Imagrants that came to the North West. They were good workers and most came to work for the railroad. The Americans got mad becasuse the didnt have any work. They drove the Chinese out of town and at one point they actually killed some. They killed 28 and wounded 15. They also drove hundreds out into the desert. Americans started to resent the chinese, the outcries made congress pass the chinese exclusion act.

Explain why one factor is more important than the others.

If the public had not had their outcries then congress would have never passed the bill.

How could the conflict have been avoided?

They could have put out more jobs and made some jobs for as many people as possible. But they put all the Chinese out of work and got all the Americans jobs. They drove the Chinese out of town.

What sources of information have you used?

Washington: A State of Contrast