What do you believe were the causes of the conflict?

~ The World War II Bombing of Pearl Habor affected many Japenese Americans because the U.S. govenment thought that they might be a threat to national sucurity. Then the US cut of trade with Japan.

What is the relevant background information (i.e. who, what, when, where)?

~ Many americans thought that the living conditions at the interment camps were better than they were. The Japanese had to enure living in horse stall, leeping on flea infested hay, bitter clod, schorching heat, open sewers, and being torn from their homes and jobs.
~ Every Japenese American ( U.S citizen or Alien) had to go to the interment camps, such as camp Harmony. Many Japanese were ashamed of their culure in that time.
~ In 1942 Presidant Roosevelt signed the executive order No. 9066, which gave the military commanders permission to force the Japanese out of their homes becuase they might have been a threat to national security. Presidant Rooosevlet created the cms and cut off trade with Japan. This lead to the Japans reacting.

These are some things you would see at an internment camp.
What are 3 factors that helped cause the conflict (politics, economics, geography, history)?

~ Geography: The west coast of the US is closer to Pearl Harbor so the Japenese Americans that lived there were forced to go to Camp Harmony. Washington,Californa, Oregon, Alaska, And Idaho.
~ Economics: The U.S cut off trade with Japan and that might have been the cause of the attack. Because they had alllied themselves with the german and the U.S. was more on the enemy's side..

~ War/ the Attack on Pearl Harbor: Behind the attack on pearl harbor the japanese left chaos, 2,403 dead, 188 destroyed planes and a crippled Pacific Fleet that included 8 damaged or destroyed battleships. The americans thought that the Japanese might have had inside help. The only problem with that therory is, some japanese fought on the US side of the war.

Explain why one factor is more important than the others.

~ Living conditions:
Mr. Okihiro, of the New Yorks Times, writes that one man that was forced to go to Camp Harmony, Ichiro Shimoda, was so distraught he tried to commit suicide by biting off his own tongue. When that failed, he tried to choke and smother himself. That didn't work either. Finally he climbed a camp fence, and a guard shot him to death. A terrible death, that could have been stopped.
Another man, Kokubo Takara, died after being forced to stand in line in the rain as a disciplinary measure at Sand Island in Hawaii. Upon arrival at the assembly centers — including the Tanforan Assembly Center in San Bruno, Calif., a former racetrack — the internees passed through two lines of soldiers with bayonets trained on them.

How could the conflict have been avoided?

~ If the US would trust the Japanese that lived inhad lived in America all of their life then all of the internment camps wouldn't have been used. Then if there was still a threat to security the goverment could not allow japanese over the border.

What sources of information have you used?

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